Ahad, 20 Mei 2012


My GOAL – To create More
1.       to use half of my pattern paper collections
2.       to use all of leftovers paper from previous projects

100 cards
100 flowers
10 note books
10 mini albums
10 quote books
25 random projects

Dateline: end of June

Isnin, 30 Januari 2012


been wanting to make this and now I have the excuse to :p

and the inside...


this picture is taken before I stamped on the glue smeared that cannot be removed :p

oh.. this folder is for engagement

Ahad, 29 Januari 2012

It's 2012

my...how time flies at its top-est speed, I supposed. It was ages since my last entry. I have welcome new year with few calendars (that I gave away) and a diary (which will be filled for the first week of January only - as always)
this year I am so surprised to find no craft magazines offer free diary. did I miss something??

this month I've been busy with lots of projects.  to kick start this year I finished LO challenge by From Scrappers For Scrappers

it is my goal to have PEACE in my life, including scrapbooking in peace *wink*.  I'am not a neat person, I've been forever wanting a peaceful place for my hobby, but until today my scraproom still in a messy state.  these pics I got from pinterest to motivate me to tidy up and organized. What I did instead, bring out my scrap tools and papers and clutter my dining room, tv room and praying room. and my daughter's been complaining that she found my things all over the place hehehe.. guilty as charged.

I hand made 50 invitation cards for my brother, welcoming our new family member Lana
cute eh?! hehe... but I change the blue baby suit to a pink baby dress :D very un-brunie-an like, this card *lol* well its a new year and a new baby, a lil bit out of the box wouldn't hurt *wink wink*

and I made plenty of projects for my sis Sweet Garden Tea Party, yesterday. From tickets to bunting and plaque and all and everything paper. will show those pics someday.