Khamis, 12 Mei 2011


This is my first challenge (I think) to use a limited papers and embellies.  Usually I would take out all my stash to create a layout and ended up with lots of things on my table and floor.

I had a very hard time doing it so I congrat myself, I DID IT!!

and, I just found Shimmelle's blog. I always love her creativity from SB Inspiration magz. So this LO fits the challenge - to " Use patterned paper for your page background"

Scrapbooking Day Challenge 1: Use patterned paper for your page background. Pretty simple! You can follow this page if that helps or you can create something completely unique – as long as the background is a sheet of patterned paper rather than solid cardstock, then you’re all set.

so here is my take..

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