Jumaat, 18 Januari 2013

Scrapbook Challenge - By Hand


Last year I made a challenge - to make a Layout featuring your creative magical hand/s :)

October 2012
Theme: By Hand;
-Hand write your journal
-Hand cut your title - NO ready made stickers/chips are allowed
 (you are allowed to print or die-cut letters)
-Handmade embellishments (you can use die-cut or freehand).
-Capture picture/s of your crafty hands (manicure is optional! lol!).
-Tell crafty things that you enjoyed doing by hand (the most & the least).
-Doodle your page.

so this is my take on that challenge:-
title: I é to CREATE
I really had fun doing this... and I know you will too. So,  to see what my partner in crime doing in her layout you can hop on to From Scrappers For Scrappers Blog and see how fabulous Lenny's created her take on this challenge.

Well, I have good news for you webster's pages lovers... would you like to have "little tastes of CHA"? I had ordered 2 of their famous sprinkle craft box. and 1 will be given away. I really can't wait to see what's in the box for real. I will pick a random winner. so don't worry as long as you submit your take on this challenge you got a chance to win this
so what are you waiting for? scrap away... don't forget to take a picture of your magic hand/s and share your link at the comment below or email me klavuqt@hotmail.com

Good Luck!

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