Rabu, 13 Mac 2013

One layer - week 110

this week in Less is More blog challenge is to create one layer.   Yes, you read me right! one layer paper only.  What a challenge. 
It's a really tricky one this week girls!
Not only is it 
but we are also asking you for 
If we could use papers it would be easy, right? 
We know you'll come up with some fabulous designs and are really looking forward to seeing what appears.
so this is my take on this week challenge, this is my second card. the first one was really a no no :p 

Yessss... It is very very challenging to create one layer card, so I embossed it using sizzix embossing plate. first, I smeared pink ink on the inside plate and put a die cut bracket in the middle. After I got a notebook effect, I then  run  the card with bracket inside using sizzix big shot  to get an embossed effect. Stamped floral and sentiment: happy birthday. For the spots I used embossing pen then brush it with dry chalk. I must admit I tend to get overboard :-/ so this card doesn't look as simple and clean as I want it to be.

this morning, after dawn prayer and done with ironing, I sit and make some cards.  As I was looking at the dots and the embossed line on the card I made, it struck me that it looks right for LIM's week 110 challenge. 
using a stitch stamp I stamped a few lines  to make stripes.  well finally, I did create something simple with just one layer of paper and stamps and inks


a mass product birthday card.  hope whoever recieve them would have a blast on their birthday.

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  1. Love the subtle effect on your first card.
    Thanks so much
    "Less is More"